Robin Wilborn Master Stylist

Wilborn Hair Co., A Wichita KS Hair Salon

A Wichita Legacy
Over 30 Years in the Making

In 1977 a 900 sq. foot gas station at Oakland and Hillside was converted into the first location for Wilborn’s salon, right between Brink’s and Heads Together. In the beginning it was not uncommon for Robin to wrap perms while clients sat poised upon a porcelain throne — “the lid was down.” The staff — one receptionist and two stylists — soon grew to 10 stylists before moving in 1983 to the notorious red house at 2915 E. Douglas.

Nearing the end of a 24 year run and a staff of 25, Robin began to desire more individual attention with his clients. This was the inspiration for moving the salon to its current location at 5400 E. 13th. “The concept behind the big salon was to hire enough people to allow me to concentrate on individual consultations. Now its all about providing this service at my speed.”