COVID-19 Update: We remain open for business, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, servicing one client at a time, sanitizing after each session. Let's work together to stay healthy and safe.

Unlike Hair Salons in Wichita KS

Hair salons in Wichita KS are varied and unique. Each have their specialty, and the relationships created are only as lasting as the staff on hand at any given time. Wilborn's is the exception.

At Wilborn Hair Co., we believe in a balance of personal beauty and the functional requirements a hairstyle must fulfill. To find this balance we need to know about you. Your lifestyle and time commitments are vital when selecting a style that works for you. After all, when you leave the salon reproducing the look is in your hands.

People change, our affinities, commitments and priorities change. Establishing a relationship with your stylist is real-time feedback with history. This relationship gives insight, driving the vision of possibility and creates unimagined beauty rooted in reality.

Traditional hair salons in Wichita KS experience frequent change in members of staff. Wilborn's is owned and operated by the same master stylist that has served this community for over 30 years. Placing yourself in the seat at Wilborn's is putting your hair in the hands of a master, not a student.

Our facilities are unrivaled. Located in Spring Acres, Wilborn hair salon offers an urban location with the feel of a country retreat. Tucked away from traffic and absent of numerous stylists serving other clients, your time here is focused on your needs.